Sunday, January 4, 2009

Chad Pennington: Playoff Goat

Irony, thy name is Chad. Just as I put the finishing touches on my brilliant Pennington-For-MVP post he has to go out and lay an incredible inedible egg against the Ravens. Probably the worst game of his career and the number one reason Miami loses the game. Clearly Miami needs to bring in some playmakers on offense to help Pennington out but what can you say? He flat-out sucked. Still, one bad game against a great defense can’t nullify the most fun season we Dolphins fans have had since 1984. That’s a long friggin’ time. I expected nothing from Miami this year and I got something. A lot more than something. 11 wins! An AFC East title! Kicking the Jets (and Favre’s) ass to seal the deal (and knocking the Pats out in the process)! It was like a dream. Thanks Chad. We owe you.

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