Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More on Big Ben's Causing Trouble

Of course the reason the NFL's had so few matchups between multiple-Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks is that there's only been 10 QB's period who've ever won two or more Super Bowls and you need to have at least two of them active at the same time to get such a matchup. In fact, there's only been 10 seasons where the matchup was even possible:

1976 (Griese, Bradshaw)
1977 (Griese, Bradshaw)
1978 (Griese, Bradshaw, Staubach)
1979 (Griese, Bradshaw, Staubach)
1980 (Griese, Bradshaw)
1985 (Plunkett, Montana)
1986 (Plunkett, Montana)
1994 (Montana, Aikman)
2009 (Brady, Roethlisberger)
2010 (Brady, Roethlisberger)

We got matchups between multiple-Super Bowl-winning QB's in four of those seasons, 1976, 1978 (twice), 1979 (twice), and 1985. Luck of the schedule was to blame in most of the other seasons. However, 1980 could have seen another face-off between Bob Griese and Terry Bradshaw but unfortunately Griese suffered a career-ending injury several weeks earlier. If we don't get a historic matchup in 2010 it will be due either to injury or a new factor entirely, criminal conduct.

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