Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Past Interference Gets Results

We get results! A couple of years ago I wrote about the acting "career" of former NFL QB Jim Plunkett. The Internet Movie Database absurdly listed him as having played the role of Stan Laurel in the 1965 mainstream Hollywood non-hit movie Harlow. I hadn't seen the movie (and doubt I ever will) but the absurdity of this struck me as the perfect topic for the stupid kind of blog post I like the best. I mean, just the thought of a teenage Mexican American quarterback playing a famous middle-aged English comedian in a movie. High comedy right? Well, no doubt somebody brought my brilliant post to the attention of the IMDB folks and a recent check of the site now reveals the former two-time Super Bowl winning passer is credited no more with playing Mr. Laurel.  A different Jim Plunkett now gets the credit. A mysterious Jim Plunkett as it happens--No other show biz credits. No biographical information.  No nothing. But the acting career of "our" Jim Plunkett hasn't vanished into the mists of error, for his other IMDB acting credit still remains: as "Stretch" in The Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Monsters. I'd like to confirm Plunkett truly acted in this film but I have to say the odds of me seeing that are even less than of me seeing Harlow. I do love the idea that Kid Plunkett may have acted in something like this so hopefully IMDB got this one right. They don't want another piece of Past Interference.

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