Saturday, September 18, 2010

Your 2010 Miami Dolphins: Week One

Win number one is in the books and while Miami probably should have whipped the Bills by more than 5 points, let's remember that Miami got their butts handed to them the last time they travelled to Buffalo. The defense played especially well. Dansby was a force. Koa Misi looked. And so did Jared Odrick before his unfortunate injury. The front seven harrassed Trent Edwards all game and, as we saw, he is most definitely not a guy who handles pressure well. It would have been nice if Miami could have stopped that 4th-and-11 and avoided the need for a final defensive stand but for the most part they throttled the Bills.

The offense was more of a mixed bag. The running game was fairly effective but the passing game was very inconsistent. Henne avoided the big mistake at least but the team had no real success with the long pass though Marshall was probably more responsible than Henne on the drop of that sure thing underthrown 50-yard bomb. The toss to Fasano to set up the Ronnie Brown TD was perfect but then Miami settled for FG tries way too many times when they had chances to take control of the game. But watching Edwards crumble under pressure followed by Mark Sanchez' pathetic effort the following day has to make any Dolphin fan feel better about our QB situation.

This week's game in Minnesota's going to be a lot tougher. If Miami can take it then we might really have something going with this team.

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J.A. Morris said...

Glad to see them beat the Favres,I mean the Vikings. The defense looks great so far, running game was as good as last year, Henne didn't through any interceptions.

But Sparano & Henning are putting Henne in jeopardy with the empty backfield formations. The Dolphins O-line isn't touch enough for this,Henne isn't quick enough and the receiving corps isn't threatening enough. I understand that you have to throw multiple schemes at the defense, but it was a bad idea with Jared Allen & the two Williamses looking at the empty backfield.