Thursday, April 28, 2011

Miami Dolphins 2010 Wrapup, Part Three: What Do They Do Now?

Not going to get too deep in the weeds on this one.  It's not that complicated.  Miami needs a quarterback.  Not a free agent stopgap.  Going down that route has never ever worked for this team.  Neither has taking a QB outside the first round.  Nope, Miami needs to use their 2011 first round pick on a QB.  As I type these words the Dolphins are about an hour or so away from making their selection and a lot of QB's are still on the board.  Will they pull the trigger on the highest available QB on their board?  Given their track record and the current front office situation, I'd be surprised honestly.  Whoever they take isn't going to play much, if at all this year, and when you've got a team with a GM worried about job security, you've got a team that's in trouble.  Why? Because if a GM thinks he's gone if his team comes up a loser, why would that GM do what's in the team's long-term best interest?  He's going to draft in the team's short-term best interest.  This is what Parcells has wrought.  His presence gave Ireland and Sparano job security.  When he bailed early, their job security vanished.  They know they need to win now so for Ireland a running back or maybe an O-Lineman make more sense to win a few more games in 2011.  But this team's never a winning a Super Bowl without an upgrade at QB.  We all have to know that at this point.  I still think there's a shot Henne could take that step forward in 2011, but the odds are agin' it and ESPN keeps telling me this is the Year of the Quarterback.  So let's take one! 

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