Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wither Welker

One thing I am getting effing sick of seeing about the Dolphins draft: all the idiot comments along the lines of "Why'd the Fins let their kick returner go if they were just going to turn around and spend their number one pick on another one? What a train wreck!" Look at the numbers you nameless losers in whose mouths I have just put words! Last year, Welker ranked 28th in kick return average and 14th in punt return average. He had zero return TD's, only 2 kick returns over 40 yards, and only 1 punt return over 20 yards. As a receiver he scored just one TD and averaged only 10.3 ypc. I like the guy and appreciated the effort he gave, but he was in no way, shape or form a gamebreaker! Got it?! Ginn >>>Welker. That is all.

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Jeff said...

Didn't you mean "Whither Welker"? It might be funnier the way you spelled it. I agree that our return game blew last year, but I don't blame Welker, whose numbers were much better in '04 and '05 and can't block for himself.

I also agree that complaining that we took Ted Ginn just to replace WW is wrong. I think we took Ginn because "Cam and Company" are very, very bad at personnel decisons. My preferred reason for screaming in agony over the pick goes like this: very few WRs can lift a team all by themselves as opposed to, oh, QBs. The best time to find such a difference-maker is the first round of the NFL draft. As bad luck would have it, Miami's need for a QB went from the ridiculous to the sublime. But then! the seeming miracle that media darling and pundits' pet Brady Quinn fell right into our lap by dropping to the #9 pick! Yet, we passed on him, which made as much sense as refusing a seat on a lifeboat after falling off the Titanic.

The debacle also puts unfair pressure on Ginn, a fine prospect who could well give Chris Chambers the kick in the ass he needs to return to the NFL's elite receivers. And BTW is unfair to us fans, who'd like to root for a team that doesn't suck.