Saturday, May 26, 2007

2000 AFC Championship Game

6) 2000 AFC Championship Game: Baltimore 16—Oakland 3

In the second quarter of a scoreless matchup, the Ravens found themselves in some serious trouble. Backed up on their own four-yard-line with crazy foul-mouthed Raider fans screaming all around them, Baltimore’s punchless offense faced a 3d-and-18. The game had turned into a field position battle and all the Ravens had to work with was Trent Dilfer at quarterback. So surely the Raiders defense would play it safe here, force a punt, and take over in good field position right? Wrong! Raiders coach Jon Gruden gambled, ordered a blitz, and thus Trent Dilfer’s short slant pass to Shannon Sharpe turned into a 96-yard touchdown pass, longest pass play in postseason history! Dilfer later admitted he actually threw the ball to the wrong place but Sharpe adjusted, beat Marquez Pope inside, and took it to the house for the game’s first and only touchdown. In typical classy fashion Raider fans tossed beer and ice at Sharpe as he celebrated his score. Sharpe was more than happy to rub Raider Nation’s face in it saying: "I got so sick of hearing about `The Black Hole.' So when we score that touchdown, I just took a shovel and covered up the hole." Sharpe’s TD was all Baltimore needed. A few minutes later, Tony Siragusa knocked Raider QB Rich Gannon to the ground and then bellyflopped his fat ass onto Gannon’s shoulder. Consistent with Newton’s Second Law, the Goose’s blubber accelerating onto Gannon’s glenohumeral joint produced what Mr. T would simply call "Pain. Gannon tried to return to the game but he couldn’t throw and since his backup was the immortal Bobby Hoying, the game was ovah! The NFC champion that year, the New York Giants, was one of the weaker teams to ever make a Super Bowl. Thanks to Gruden's failed gamble and Goose’s gargantuan girth, the Ravens, not the Raiders, moved on to crush the Giants in Super Bowl XXXV.

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Toughest Loss


Mike said...

Are you sure it was the glenohumoral joint? It might have been the coraco-acromial joint!

Just kidding. It likely was the glenohumoral joint. And maybe some ressure on his brachial plexus as well. Or presuure on his bicipital groove.

Bobby Hoying? Oy!

Rob said...

Honestly I have no clue what the actual injury was. I just looked up some info about shoulders because I knew a medical term would read much funnier than just saying shoulder.

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