Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Marlin Briscoe Trade

I forgot about a trade I meant to discuss in my brilliant series about the Dolphins' worst trades of all time. Miami sent its first round pick in 1972 to the Buffalo Bills for wide receiver Marlin Briscoe. Here's what Briscoe did in three seasons with the Dolphins (he got hurt in 1974):


Not great numbers even for that time, though Miami hardly threw the ball in those years. Meanwhile, with the pick they got for Buffalo selected future Hall of Fame Guard Joe DeLamielleure. So this one looks bad. Very bad. BUT, I'm sure the Dolphins wouldn't have taken DeLamielleure even if they kept their pick. They already had two guards named Larry Little and Bob Kuechenberg. Not a need position. But even if they needed a guard, you'd never ever want to take that deal back no matter how lopsided. Why? Because the ultimate goal in any trade or draft pick is to improve your team so that they can win a championship. Briscoe was a part of Miami's only two Super Bowl winning teams. An important part. And one of those teams was a perfect team, the only one in NFL history. That's the crowning achievement of the Dolphins' franchise. You'd never give that back. Miami played in a few nailbiters in 1972, especially in the postseason. If Briscoe made just one key play in any of those games--a catch. a block, drawing attention to free someone else up to make a big play, then the trade was worth it. Those Super Bowls, that 17-0 record, those are forever. Everybody on that roster had their part to play and they played it. Removing any one of those players, even if he wasn't a star, might have turned a perfect team into something less than perfect. Briscoe gave everything he had to the 1972-1973 Dolphins. Miami fans have to be glad he was there, even if might have cost them a Hall of Famer.

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Addendum: The Marlin Briscoe Trade

P.S. Marlin Briscoe was a trailblazer as an African American QB in 1968 and his story's worth checking out

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