Friday, June 15, 2007

The Worst Trade in Miami Dolphins History, Part VI

Ok, the Herald says these are the three worst trades in Miami Dolphins' history:

1) The A.J. Feeley trade (2004)
2) The Jake Scott trade (1975)
3) The draft day trade down with Green Bay that may have cost Miami a shot at Randy Moss (1998)

That's wrong. These are the three worst trades in Miami Dolphins' history:

1) The A.J. Feeley trade (2004)
2) The Anthony Carter trade (1985)
3) The Ricky Williams trade (2002)

So which of these is the worst of them all? I suppose it all depends on your criteria. For sheer stupidity you have to go with the Feeley deal. I mean, what possible reason was there to give up a 2nd-rounder for a guy who was a mid-round draft pick and who was mediocre at best in his brief career up to that point? It made no sense. Spielman and Wannstedt panicked and gave up too much. Had Miami given up a #1 pick, then this would be an easy call for their worst pick ever. But though this is the dumbest trade ever, it's not the costliest. Of course, Miami's collapse in 2004 still wound up making that 2005 2nd-rounder a pretty valuable pick--the number 35 pick overall.

The Carter trade is, I believe, the only time in Dolphins history where they gave up a great player with his best years ahead of him and got nothing in return. Shula got taken. I never gave this much thought until I started working on these posts but now I'm pissed I never had the chance to see Marino throw to Duper, Clayton AND Carter! Man that would have been awesome. Would Carter have gotten Miami to a Super Bowl though? Seems unlikely. RB and defense were still the big needs in the late 80's.

Now Ricky WIlliams. To get Ricky, Miami gave up more than they’ve ever given up to get any player ever. Was he worth it? We all know the answer to that. Hell no! Ricky gave them one incredible season but Miami missed the playoffs that year. He regressed the next year as did the Dolphins. Then he quit to sail off to hippie lotusland. The move to get Ricky made all the sense in the world at the time, but now we see what a huge cockup it turned out to be. Miami gambled and lost. The lost first round draft picks and the 2004 team collapse franchise were a direct cost of this deal, and unless you drafted Ricky for your fantasy football team in 2002, no benefits were gained. If you weigh the worst trade by the damage ultimately done, and I do, then this has to be the Worst Trade in Miami Dolphins History.

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Jeff said...

My memory (and time for endless research) is sadly limited. Did we agree to a straight up Carter-for-nothing trade? That would have been so dumb. The Feeley deal remains worse in my mind because at least Ricky gave us one doobie-ous (mmph) season or two of competence. A.J.'s appearance on our roster reminded me of Rob Johnson's elevation to starting millionaire with Buffalo. That was also based on about 3 games of good play the year before (for Jacksonville). That Philly got Feeley back for nothing last year just sticks it to me even more. As always, great comment...

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