Thursday, August 9, 2007

No Relatives Need Apply

The Miami Dolphins recently signed former Oakland Raiders' Tight End Courtney Anderson. Nothing earth-shattering but probably a good move. The real interest here is that to make room for Anderson, Miami cut David Lofton, the son of former NFL receiving great James Lofton. As Jeff pointed out to me, this continues a recent of pattern of the Dolphins giving chances to and then quickly giving up on other relatives of previously successful NFL players. Last year, Miami cut Gerald Riggs' son Gerald Riggs, Jr. Of course they also kicked Bob Griese's son Brian to the curb a few years ago. And most recently the Dolphins got rid of Marcus Vick, brother to the infamous dogfighter. Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas are brothers-in-law. Could you count them as successful Dolphins relatives?

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