Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Worst...Dolphins Team...Ever

What's there to say? Sunday's Dolphins-Patriots game was like watching a major college power take on a small lower division college. The outcome's preordained, you just pity the lesser opponent getting its brains beat in, and, no matter who you're rooting for, after awhile you just want the carnage to end. Unfortunately it didn't end soon enough before the worst possible carnage happened: Ronnie Brown's season-ending ACL tear. Not long ago I wrote it was silly to think Miami could be the first 0-16 team in NFL history. Well, the team's now placed its starting QB on IR, traded away its best WR, and lost it's best player and star RB who just happened to be having an incredible season. Suddenly, 0-16 seems all too possible. This is the lowest point in franchise history and that statement is not something that can even be debated. There's no hope on the horizon and nothing to be optimistic about. Nothing. Starting with his forcing out of Don Shula, Wayne Huizenga's made nothing but one disastrous hire after another, and each of those hires has in turn made bad decision after bad decision until finally the franchise has completely collapsed, fielding a team completely hollowed out and devoid of talent. But let's put a hold on analyzing exactly what's gone wrong (like it's not obvious), and look forward to some football history in the making next Sunday as the Miami Dolphins travel to London to show those teabags what bad American Football's all about in the first NFL game ever played outside North America! Yeah baby. (Once Miami's 0-8 we'll have an in depth mid-season review, see you then).

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