Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bart Starr, Joe Montana...Eli Manning?!?!

If I'm not mistaken, then on Sunday Eli Manning became only the third quarterback in NFL history to lead his team on a game-winning touchdown drive ending in the final minute of play to win an NFL Championship. Here's the list of QB's:

1) Bart Starr--1967 NFL Championship Game
2) Joe Montana--Super Bowl XXIII
3) Eli Manning--Super Bowl XLII

Eli Manning and two Hall of Famers with 9 championships between them. Incredible. Starr of course faced the toughest field conditions of the three (the Ice Bowl), and Montana's drive was the longest (92 yards), but Eli Manning might have had the most pressure of all. Starr and Montana trailed by 3. Only Manning began his drive knowing it had to end in a touchdown. And it did.

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