Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl XLII Prediction

Unfortunately the cheaters, aka the New England Patriots, will roll. That is all.


J.A. Morris said...

Well,sorry,but I'm glad your prediction was wrong! I'm glad the '72 Dolphins are still the only perfect team. Those old guys are a lot more entertaining than Bellichick & Brady, and more down to earth too.

Anyway,I just wanted to say I discovered your blog a few weeks back, especially enjoyed the series about the worst Dolphin trades and the post about Lorenzo Hampton.

I was a huge Dolphins fan from about 1977 through 2000. I was an infant in '72 & '73, so I never got to experience the glory years.

Every year seemed to end in first round playoff loses, followed by draft busts. I guess my favorite games would have to be the AFC title games against the Jets(great mud bowl game!) & Steelers. Better to remember those wins than the Super Bowl loses that followed.
Still, that 1984 season was magical, when they threatened to go unbeaten.

Once Shula was gone and Marino retired, I lost interest. It was hard to get excited over the new guys. I hate the way Huizenga ruined a proud franchise.
Great blog, I'll probably post again sometime down the road.

Rob said...

Hey I appreciate the kind words. Believe me, I've never been happier to be wrong on a prediction. As for the Dolphins, there's no doubt it's hard to maintain the same kind of interest when the franchise has become the league's laughingstock. I much prefer to write about the team's glory days, the Marino era, or really anything else NFL-related.

Mike said...


Greatest moment from Superbowl 42 didnt even occur during the game. It happened just momnents after. Check it out at

My favorite line "Not a very good one". HAHAHAHAHAHA! Suck it Hoodie douchebag!