Monday, September 17, 2007

Dolphins 2007: It's Ugly

Looks like I spent too much time looking for the good things in my preseason analysis when I should have been concentrating on all the flashing red warning signs. I never realized I was such a homer. 8-8? Forget it. This 2007 Miami Dolphins team could be the worst team in the league right now and if you see any reason to think it's going to get better please tell me how 'cause I don't see it. No offense. Terrible special teams. A defense prone to giving up big plays at the worst possible times. And a coach who shows no signs of knowing what the hell he's doing. Trent Green looks finished. Ronnie Brown? I have no idea what the problem is. Cameron won't give him enough carries to let him get anything going. Chatman can't possibly be a better back but facts are he's outproduced Brown for whatever that's worth. The running game's nonexistent really. And Cameron gave up on it against the Cowboys when the game was still close in the 3rd quarter. 'Cause you really want to be putting the ball in Trent Green's hands as much as possible. Especially with all the big play sure-handed weapons he's got. Actually Chambers hasn't been half-bad and the Book made a nice TD grab yesterday. But David Martin stinks. Ted Ginn Jr? Who's he? I haven't seen anybody by that name doing anything. Nothing to do now but give it a few more games and hope Beck finally gets a chance to play. Maybe he and Brady Quinn will each get the starting nod in the same week; there's no point in sticking with Green much longer. Might as well save him from the inevitable concussion. Did you see what Dallas was saying about him?

"Players studied. Coaches studied. We saw some things." "Tell what we saw," cornerback Jacques Reeves said at the next locker. "Not me," Hamlin said. "Trent Green likes to get rid of the ball fast," Reeves said. "That's what we saw. For good reason, too. He has, what, seven concussions?" Reeves was told Green has been adamant about having just one concussion, the nasty one last year. "Naw, he's got like seven concussions," Reeves said. "The limit is eight, I think. So he doesn't want to get hit. Can you blame him? But if he's thinking about getting rid of the ball fast, we're going to think about it, too."

I know. It's only two games. Certainly way too soon to render a verdict on Cameron. We know he didn't inherit much to work with. This franchise can't afford another Dave Wannstedt.


Mike said...


Excellent analysis. Why did we get rid of Wes Welker? The best stat I saw on the screen was the five turnovers for Miami, and I think Dallas had one. Only fourteen more games of this drek and we can go back to looking forward to the draft. At least the GAtors offense looks awesome. Ah, thank god for college.

By the way, I see OJ man, and he be scared!

Mike said...

Looks like "streaming NFL games" is done. The site doesnt work.