Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fun NFL Facts 3: Earl Morrall Edition

While researching a lengthy piece on Earl Morrall's career (which I'll post as soon as it's done), I discovered the following fun facts:

1) Replacing Johnny Unitas in 1968, Morrall won the NFL MVP award that year. The winner of the award the following year: Roman Gabriel. Replacing Bob Griese in 1972, Morrall won the Comeback Player of the Year award that year. The winner of the award the following year: Roman Gabriel.

2) Primarily a backup QB in his 21-year career, Morrall led his teams in passing attempts just 5 times. Each of those 5 seasons was for a different franchise: the 1957 Pittsburgh Steelers, the 1963 Detroit Lions, the 1965 New York Giants, the 1968 Baltimore Colts, and the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

3) Morrall’s backups on the 1957 Pittsburgh Steelers were future Hall of Famer Len Dawson and future Congressman and Vice-Presidential nominee Jack Kemp. After moving to the American Football League, both men played in 7 Pro Bowls.

4) Morrall backed up 4 Hall of Famers in his career, Y.A. Tittle, Fran Tarkenton, Johnny Unitas, and Bob Griese, and was traded for another, Bobby Layne.

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Jeff said...

You're doing very well. Keep it up and you will be honored by someone in the Dolphins' organization. Perhaps as an archivist of some kind...

harpler said...

Just watched interview of Nick Bouniconti, Anderson, and a 3rd guy from the 72 Dolphins. NB made the point that without Brady the Pats would be sh1t, but that the 72 'fins did it without their starting QB so I googled. Interestingly, NB didn't say Earl's name. Morrall is certainly a great man, a legend in his own time. Thanks for writing this history.

Dolfan said...

The best guy on and off the field. Deserves more credit than what he got in 72". Old school dolphin fans know who got them there. He has been there and done that over and over again. A true champion. He is 77 today and still a winner. If you ever meet him you would agree. He has some of the best football stories of anyone. Any teamate from any of the 6 teams he played for would agree. A friend indeed.